The following is a nonlegal, working document tracking OWS NYCGA expenditures beginning as of October 15th, 2011*. The Accounting working group will be updating this document as frequently as possible so you can see the money spent as soon as it is documented.

All spending over $100 was approved by the GA. Working groups take the responsibility for deciding where to make their purchases. You will notice that when a receipt has not been brought to accounting/finance by the working groups, we are unable to provide more specific details regarding the purchase. We also understand receipts were lost in the raid and have made allowances for that.

* Unfortunately, we have only partial logs of receipts and expenditures prior to October 15th. We’re working hard on getting this data collected, validated, formatted and uploaded. Apologies for the delay.

[spreadsheet 0Ak44wPLmbeIQdEpteklqbVJGb21PbGx0eHRwUmJLbnc 600 700 sheet=4]