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  1. I wonder how to propose to get funds to o4o Organizing for Occupation squatting organization for tools? Can someone tell me what the process is besides starting my own working group to this? Many OWS people are involved in o4o’s organizing efforts at this point and I will work with them directly.

  2. Hi, we need $30,000 to pay for the venue in Philadelphia for the 876 to meet. We have raised about $15,000 on our own but we our deadline is coming up and we don’t have the $30.000 more we will need. Please help us as we are a non-partisan working group that wants to provide the space for the delegates to meet. Whatever they decided to do or not do with that time and space is completely up to the delegates,

  3. I need a working budget of $400/month to pay for lights, heat, and phone/INTERNET for occupy bushwick (146 PALMETTO ST. APT#2 BK, NY 11221), a residence which currently houses up to 8 occupiers a night, providing a safe place to rest, study, organize, and create. Please contact me (Point Person: MICHAEL BOOTH) at to learn more about the space. we need your help-you have our support.

  4. Hi OWS,

    It is great that you are making the finances transparent.

    I have a couple of questions:
    Occupy seems to be a full-time job. Is everyone donating their time or are some getting paid? We all have bills to pay.

    Also, do you have a list of names that have donated to Occupy?

    Finally, how can you accept credit/debit card transactions because each transaction feeds the banks?


  5. I am doing a independent research project on OWS, however I don’t even know where to begin since already there has been so much going on. Who might I get into contact with to find out more? Thank you

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