17,379 thoughts on “Expenditures

  1. Can you have a URL which provides a json dump of this data? This format is rough, but I bet lots of web nerds would be thrilled to play with well-formatted versions of it.

  2. Great work & obviously with transparency. still few requests, if possible:
    1. add total row of up to date
    2. add contributions, by date
    3. add balance sheet of contributions vs. expenses so people can see current financial status, and base on it will be able to vote in the GA based on data.

    • Don’t you want to know what these very large expenditures were for? I do.
      Also, where are the latest expenditures, especially the very large amounts, as well
      as the months after October 2011.

  3. Still no updates ???? I have seen a lot of approvals go through the GA and there is no accounting for them.

  4. Updated through the 20th but no listing at all about the cash, like it fell through the cracks….

  5. Looks like expenditures haven’t been updated since December. Do you need help with this?

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