4 thoughts on “Daily Donation Reports!

  1. Still no listing still of cash donatons, Are these counted? How? Where are the records? No upates since the 5th…..

  2. If OWS Finance/Accounting messes up on money, it will be called CORRUPTION.
    It will not be called shoddy accounting practices or just plain carelessness or lack of oversight, it will be called CORRUPTION
    We the 99%, sincere occupiers who have waited a long time for this wakeup moment for America, simply can’t allow corruption to happen IN OUR NAME.

    I think we may need to set up an **anti-corruption mechanism** as a **proactive measure**, to prevent deliberate cooking the books or just innocent mistakes. No point waiting till the feces hits the oscillator,

    We will have no right to point a finger at Washington & Wall if our own fiscal house is not in order.

    So let’s get that cash donation amount that is missing from the ledger show up pronto.
    We need Finance folks to appear at GA meeting on a regular basis, ready to field tough questions on wassup with the money thing.

    I’m awaiting a reply showing me, not just telling, all is well and every OWS penny is accounted for.


  3. Well folks, it has gone from minimal disclose to 100% back room, complete secrecy. Bad to worse. They are making the Wall Street companies as well as super PACS (Who list all donors and expenses, current within a few days) appear squeaky clean. At least Morgan Stanley is capable of openly tell the public of its’ mistakes and current financial position. OWS is behaving like a communist country managed not by an elected leader but someone who strong armed in and took power. All the public has to do is see this sort of ‘code of conduct’ and you can bet their support will never come.

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